Cinaviz 2.0 Documentation

Quick Start

Go to Explore and execute a first search - for example, enter "Berlin" as search string, "Exact" as modus and "Whole planet" as region. The resulting map will show you 180 place called "Berlin" all over the globe:

The resulting map (more "Berlin"s in America and Africa than in Europe!):

It is possible to enter more than one search string at the same time. Search strings needs to be separated by a semicolon ";". On the map, the different results will be shown in parallel with different colors.

The database

The database cotains the "allCountries" dataset from It contains a total of more than 11 million (11.921.557) entries. Listed by continents:

ContinentNumber of place names

The KML file

If you activate the checkbox "Create KML", then a file in the "Keyhole Markup Language" will be created. After the map is shown, you can download that file via a button below the map.

A KML file can be imported into other geographical software, like Google Earth, QGIS or GpsPrune:

Basic panel example

Panel title

Panel content